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Roland HERNAEZ Seminar  
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Summer Camp in the Philippines

Each year EWAMA organizes summer Camps in the Philippines in Arnis Kali Eskrima. A great opportunity to train under genuine Filipino experts and discover our beautiful Country. More info

Seminars in Europe

EW Instructors have scheduled seminars in several European cities each year. Check our calendar for more information.

Besides this seminar you can also organized your own seminars with some of our certified instructors: More Info

Seminar in Japan

Discover Amazing Japan and its deep culture. Train under Japanese teachers and taste the unique ambiance of a traditional Japanese Dojo. More info

Ueshi Deshi

An Ueshi Deshi is a student living in the Dojo. Experience the thrill of intense training and full dedication to the Martial Art's Quest. Push your limits and discover what lies beyond the walls of a dojo. More Info
Instructor Seminars

Follow our instructor trainings and share your passion with others. teaching is a logic "next step" to anyone involved in martial arts. More Info

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