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Self Defense System

Self-Defense SYSTEM | Solutions for Urban Violence | Urban Survival Skills
 Practical Strategy | Situations & Environment


To protect yourself and your family is a not only a RIGHT but a RESPONSIBILITY in the community.

  Although we must consider the help of police forces or other security solutions , we must not depend solely on them. Violence has always been there. It is the dark side of human beings, and we must deal with it, each time we meet its ugly face. As responsible citizens we must also keep our actions within the limits of the law.

Are you ready?

Whether you have a problem to solve or you are just worry or even just thinking ahead, we can propose you several solutions adapted to your needs.


Self-Defense SYSTEM

Most people come to Martial art seeking efficient self defense techniques. They should know that most martial arts do not focus on self-defense only and some very popular martial arts today have very poor techniques and trainings when it comes to real fight situation.

EWD experts have set up a specific program with this sole objective in mind. We carefully chose the most adapted and effective techniques from Ju-jitsu, Kempo and Arnis and bind them with a very simple and effective strategy.

In a society where violence seems to rise, self defense must be available and easy for any type of person: Kids, women, old or weak people. All the techniques from this program have proven to be efficient in real situations and most of them are used by police forces and security experts. Self defense must also be fast and easy to learn because people who need it, don't often learn it for Fun.

This program also teaches the "right Attitude - right state of mind", to reject the victim's attitude, without falling into the realm of violence. This program is not another "commando seminar for big muscle street warriors". We teach normal people to stay out of dangerous situations and deal with violence in urban environment.


Our System is design to answer increasing Urban Violence and threats to non-aggressive persons. We will help you to understand the reasons behind an aggression, in order to help you to act upon it and not being acted upon. Each situation has its best solution and best back up solution. We will help you to find your best solution to some of the most common violence:

  • Aggressions on women

  • Racial and discriminating aggressions

  • Kids hassles at school, the "bully problem'

  • Territorial aggressions

  • Money related aggressions

  • Alcohol related aggressions

  • Drugs related aggressions

  • Personality disturbance aggressions

  • Violence at home

Personal security is the first step to self-defense. Being pro-active will help you to build your own security habits and thus will make self defense much more easy. It requires awareness, some training and a good deal of courage. There are 4 steps in your seek for peace and security:

  • Understand what's going on

  • Learn some tools; security and self defense techniques

  • Develop and sharpen your skills

  • Develop true self confidence while being cautious and practical

Solutions For Urban Violence

Urban environment brings specific problems, social tensions, hazards and dangers. You need simple and effective solutions. Not only us, but our kids at school, in the streets, with our friends on holiday... Violence occurs when we last expect it and it can have dramatic consequences. 

Most of the time, a dangerous situation could be avoided with few good habits:

  • The right attitude towards others, your body language; how you look in the eyes or not...

  • Right space management: Places to avoid, distances, positioning yourself in the street, in a restaurant... 

  • Right timing: moving or not, changing habits and schedules...

  • Right answer to the situation: running or fighting, be cool or not anymore...

  • Right self defense techniques if needed: are they adapted to you? Are they fast and powerful? Adapted to the situation? Proportioned to the attack? Do they work for you?

  • And most important: Being ready for anything, because anything can happen.

Survival urban skills must be first understood as a whole thing: how to stay away from problems and how to deal with violence when it does occur. Violence is an animal, a wild dangerous animal who lives inside our own brain, it is a very important social problem and most of us must deal with. It is also a survival skills by itself and it has a real value. We need it but we must first control our own violence from inside before being able to control other's.

Survival skills are easy to apply, but hard to learn because we must first accept the facts of violence and decide and than we must develop our survival skills using both our inner violence, without falling into it and cold blood responses.

Urban Survival Skills
We need to go through a whole process starting with understanding the reasons behind violence, then developing self-defense skills and security habits. The last step will be to finally sharpen you mind and your attitude. It is serious but it can also be Fun and rewarding.
Understand your personal fears, limits, weak points and assets to deal with the problem.
Your attitude: How do you manage violence.
Understand the reasons behind each type of violence. Categorize the different type of aggressions and how to recognize a situation.
Personal security needs and self-defense challenges.
Environment and physical limitations: Circles of awareness - Space and Time
The bests choices of practical AND easy to apply techniques. REALISTIC training.
Power of mind, weakness of flesh: The "Warriors of light" attitude

EW System is made of 4 modules according to the level of violence and danger:

  1. Security habits and awareness

  2. Unarmed aggressions - Self defense

  3. Armed aggressions - Self defense

  4. Do or die - Survival


Practical Strategy
Our Pro-Active System is a personality and behavior program as much as a self-defense system. The outcome will greatly depends on what efforts and focus you put in it. Here are some of the key points of our program. 
  • Think ahead - Avoid danger and Sharpen your skills

  • Pro-Active Solutions - better prevent it 

  • A solution for each situation

  • Best Back up solution

  • Simple and effective strategy

  • Few strategic targets

  • Your own arsenal of self defense techniques

  • SPE : Speed, Power, Easy 

  • Fast learning program

  • Focus on few techniques

  • Specific techniques for each individual

  • Plan your answer, answer your plan

  • Inter-active solutions for your specific problem

Situation & Environment
You must consider each situation as a different case. You will understand, recognize , prevent and manage each situation. The more you work on it, the more chance you have to enjoy your life, but don't get paranoid. Each situation has it's solutions, it's weak points to control and strong point to use at your advantage. For instance the darkness is usually consider as a dangerous situation by itself, but in some cases it can be use as an advantage for you to hide. It just depends on how we manage a situation.
  • Night or Day?

  • In the street

  • In your car

  • In the Public transport (Bus, Subway, Train, Airplane)

  • At home

  • At work

  • Public places: In a bar, a disco

  • Protecting Somebody else

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