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Energy Kempo

Concepts of Energy Kempo | Kempo Training | Kata

Energy Kempo focuses on "Atemi": Kicks, punches, elbows, knees... on precise vital points & weak area of your opponents. 

Kempo is the old form of Karate, a softer way of moving, more "boxing type", with survival techniques. Take all the forbidden techniques of sport karate or kick boxing and you'll find Kempo.

Kempo uses some of the most practical, yet universal concepts of martial arts. Like any other Kick & Punch style, it is not that efficient in Self-defense for the "average person". However it brings more speed and power to your percussions techniques and it helps to see and stop your opponent's attacks with more accuracy. Combine Energy Kempo with Nihon Tai-Jitsu, Arnis and some internal training and you have a tremendous combo in your palm.


"Kempo ... This is the term used by Sano Teruo Sensei (9th Dan Karate Do) to describe the techniques I used and the way I was moving while sparing against other Karateka and kick boxers during my trainings in Japan. Energy kempo is the result of my training in Ju-jitsu, Kung Fu,Taiji Quan, Bagua Zhang, Karate Do and Asahi Ryu Kempo".

...After several years of training together, I realize that most of my serious students had a very specific style in all their techniques, they were training the same way, using the same concepts unconsciously.... Energy Kempo is our style: Just a way of applying techniques, blocking kicks and punches and counterattacking. It has it's specific training focused on Atemi waza, Kicks, Punches and blocks. Energy Kempo include the practice of hard external concepts (GO - YANG) and the soft internal techniques (JYU- YIN)."

Dani FAYNOT Sensei



Concepts of Energy Kempo


Keep few concepts and stick to them!

Avoid the fight if you can, peaceful and calm - Take your time, observe first.
If you have to: Explode with all your power and Energy - Keep it simple and effective, stay in control at any price. Focus on defenses and counter-attacks: You just want to survive, nothing else.
Circular strategy in all directions and all dimensions - Keep moving, a moving target is more difficult to touch - Tai Sabaki to avoid attacks - Kuzushi in the block to off-balance opponents.
Yang defense on Yin attacks and vice versa. Straight defense on circular attacks & Circular defenses on linear attacks. Only aim Vital Zones: Atemi
Apply proper strikes according to the distance - Attack legs first to weaken opponents - Block with destructive power on muscles, joints and vital zones.
Continuous striking and blocking: Keep your feet on the ground, strong roots brings mobility and power
Spontaneous : just be it, Keep in mind your ten best targets - Continue until it's finished - Stay vigilant until there is no more danger (second wave)

Avoid Basic Mistakes 
  • No first attack - always a counter-attack. Jab your opponent and force him to attack first.

  • Avoid to go on the ground, it would be fatal against several opponents.

  • Don't adjust your Distance for striking - Move with a strike.

  • Don't Accept any pressure from opponents - Keep your head free of thoughts

  • Don't look in the eyes, see the triangle (shoulders > Front head)

  • Don't prepare your techniques

  • Don't think! be it

  • Don't try, but do it

  • Don't look , but See

  • Don't block, just stop it

  • Don't show of

  • Don't give any opposition


Training in Energy Kempo

It is not the techniques that make the specificity of E. Kempo but the way we train and the concepts we use.  Students can learn more deeply the art of Atemi Waza and that, will benefit their whole Budo research.

More efficient kicks and punch skills is obviously an advantage in terms of self-defense. You develop power and speed. The techniques used in Energy Kempo are very much compatible with ju-jitsu so you wont be confused by opposite concepts. A training session in Energy Kempo is more relaxed than a Nihon Tai-Jitsu. This is due to the Objective of the training: You want to work hard with minimum tensions. This will develop fluidity and speed as well as accuracy.

Training with Punching bags, "Pao" and targets will bring you more power and explosion, better distance and timing, proper positions while striking. This type of training is also a good idea for women seeking the Fun of a good work out and a self confidence builder activity. In our Dojo we often teach Kempo to kids as a first martial art to start with.


Training Pattern >>

A training in Energy Kempo is made of several components and follows a specific pattern:
  1. Start each session with Meditation: Shin Kokyu
  2. Warm up and Physical preparation focus on Flexibility, Strength and Resistance.
  3. Tai Sabaki in all directions. Steps and stances. Strong basics give you good control over your techniques.
  4. Shadow boxing and soft free sparing. Fitness and Physical resistance are the result of this exercise.
  5. Power and explosion are the result of training with heavy bags and "Pao". Never strike without opposition. 
  6. Technical Training focus on techniques.
  7. Self-Defense Application focus on Situations.
  8. Sparing takes a big part in our trainings. Different type of sparing are available in order to develop your skills step by step. 
  9. Stretching at the end of each session and Shin Kokyu again to check out.
  10. Now come back to your life and apply the lessons. Use what you learn in the Dojo in terms of attitude but hide your ability as a fighter. 

Remember >>

You must first leave your life outside of the Dojo, enter in a different dimension, forget who you are outside of the Dojo.
** Each basic technique is a "single word", we learn it with minimum speed, no impact and careful attention on key points
** Combinations are made with several words put together within a continuous "physical sentence". Blocks and counterattacks are made in a same motion. Students learn "full sentences" instead of single answers.
** Atemi Self-defense and sparing are two different things. Self -Defense is Survival skills while Sparing is a fight for Domination: Tournament or opposition training.


Energy Kempo Kata

A Kata in Energy Kempo is a free form, combination of attacks and defenses in the eight directions kept in a circle. It must be "one sentence": Continuous motion with slow and faster periods. It ends when the movement itself stops; Like a stone falling from a mountain. Free forms should range from 1 to 3 minutes in order to bring you the benefit and to make you feel the flow.

It's a good work-out and it develops spontaneous and natural moves.

Easy? Try it! 


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