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Goals & Philosophy  Turnkeys for Every day's Life 


Goals & Philosophy: Becoming a complete Budoka requires to study and integrate both Hard and soft, dynamic and slow motions, with a sincere training and regular practice. A true martial artist never stops but follows the path all his/her life long. The longer the research, the greatest the reward: For you and people around you!


Our Goal is to continue the legacy of our Masters in the Martial Art Quest and to keep high standards of practice in terms of efficacy in combat, quality of our techniques and practical self-defense. Our instructors study all aspects of martial arts: Combative techniques, Self-defense & security, Budo and education. For this purpose advanced students will learn the whole system: Ju-jitsu, Kempo & Arnis Kali Eskrima as well as Energy Quest. 

Advanced students can apply experiences acquired in the academy to almost any other compartment of their life. However, at EWAMA, our target is to use martial Arts as a life tool: We call it "Alchemy Budo". 

Alchemy is the art of transformation: How to turn ordinary metal into gold. Alchemy Budo helps us to touch awareness thru our practice. Budo is a slow, but very deep process. Anyone involved in true martial arts for a long period with sincerity and a positive hard demanding attitude will enjoy its benefits: Development of a more brighter personality, higher confidence and more Energy ready to be used.

Turnkey for Life
Whether you are just new in the martial art world or already a teacher, EW can offer you several keys that may help you getting what you are looking for and maybe even open new area of research and development.

EWAMA Team of Instructors are studying under some of the greatest Martial art Experts in the World. They all show excellent track records and are highly qualified to guide you whether you are looking for self-defense, for Fun, study martial techniques or willing to develop your personality through the Martial Arts.

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