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Energy Quest

How to BUILD & KEEP a High level of ENERGY

Long Term Benefits of Martial Arts Taiji Quan | Bagua Zhang | 18 Treasures
Flexibility | Physical Training  | Energy Diet | Fong Shui


Soft & Hard - Ying & Yang 

Budo needs softness to balance the explosion of energy, slow motions to stabilize the techniques, deep breathing to built strength. First, we need to be aware about Energy. what is it? How to use it or how to create Energetic forms? Nothing mysterious, simply Nature and we just have to observe: it's there for us, ready, available.

We encourage our students in martial Arts to study and practice some forms of soft techniques (Taiji Quan...) as well as Physical & Fitness preparation, cardio training with a running program and to follow healthy diet habits as well as a soft medical approach along with more modern medicine: Acupuncture, traditional massage...


Experience the benefits of Internal martial Arts. EW Students and Instructors study and practice several techniques during their training. Our objective is not to focus in one form but to get the following characteristics by practicing several techniques during our long term exposure to martial arts: 

  • Learn different types of Energy Waves used in Budo.
  • Build a stronger body, to develop more "Qi" and "Jing".
  • Develop more stability and stronger roots.
  • Develop proper breathing habits.
  • Give a life rhythm by adding a daily routine. 
  • Unify Tai-Gi-Shin : Body-Technique-Spirit



Taiji Quan brings stability in our stances and peace for the mind. We concentrate on few basics forms to be able to master the core of it, rather than accumulate techniques and forms. Straight line, up and down, slow motions and explosive moves are the specifics of Taiji. The practice of Taiji Quan is also one of the most efficient way to develop speed in our Budo as well as explosive techniques. We will show you how!


Bagua Zhang comes when one have mastered the basics of Taiji Quan. This Chinese internal martial Art has an esoteric approach and is based on Ancient Yi King (Book of Divination). It emphasis the eight directions with a circular routine and circular techniques. Bagua is a very powerful training in terms of "Energy Building". 




Health Techniques : A series of 18 Chinese moves called the 18 Treasures. Each movement brings a specific workout. They are widely used in Chinese medicine and Hospitals for their very beneficial results. 



Flexibility is an important element of life. A new born baby is very flexible as compared to a dead body, isn't it? So we make sure to keep our flexibility with appropriate stretching techniques as a flexible body means mostly a relaxed body which will therefore have a flexible mind and vice versa. It remains much easier to start by the body and work out our behaviors. Stretching is the way!

Aqua stretching is one of the most easier way to get results. During EW seminars to the sea we always choose Aqua stretching: Less gravity, less tensions, less efforts and more Fun.


Fitness & Exercises are the right way to develop efficient techniques and powerful Budo. Budo needs a tool: Our Body, with explosive muscles, strong tendons, a good level of fitness as well as a good cardio vascular system. The practice of Budo is not enough to develop a High physical stamina. A Budoka needs to develop:

  • Speed
  • Power
  • Explosive strength
  • Resistance

Energy Quest teaches you how to develop an appropriate level of fitness and which type of exercise is efficient to increase your Budo performances according to your body type and your goals.


Energy Diet: We are what we eat and diet is an important aspect of Budo. Not only training but healthy habits, appropriate food, cooked the right way, appropriate drinks... for you, your family, kids and friends. You got the message?



Fong Shui is the Art of Wind and Water. By observing Nature, people were able to understand the causes behind the effects, the Universal rules, the causes and effects of our life.

Energy Wave Academy doesn't teach Fong Shui. However we help our students to become aware of the effects of their environment in their life so that they will "be in command", and take wise decisions. Decisions and strategy are the same breed, and the art of strategy is definitely the heart of Martial Arts.

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