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Energy Wave System is composed of 4 essential components, covering different area of the martial Arts reality.

The realistic techniques of Nihon Tai-Jitsu form the base of the system. The Dynamic practice of Energy Kempo brings more specialized skills for kicks, punches and blocks, while Arnis gives mental awareness, timing and a tremendous power in terms of self-defense and weapon system. Energy Quest is a blend of several internal martial arts and health techniques.

What do we teach?

Philipino Martial Arts -Arnis Kali Eskrima  

Filipino Martial Arts are among the most efficient & most practical weapon system in the World. Our system, known as Doblete Rapilon includes the study of sticks and blades of many kinds as well as specific empty hand skills.

Our leading Master is Great Grand Master Jose MENA, 12 Degree Black belt, one of the Legend of Philipino Martial Arts and All Time Greatest.

<< Nihon Tai-Jitsu - Japanese Budo

This system of ju-jitsu is originated from the Japanese Daito Ryu Ju-jitsu. NTJ is a very complete system as it gives you versatile techniques: Throws, Join locks, Chocks, Ground techniques & Atemi. We are proud to follow Shihan Roland Hernaez (9th Dan Hanshi).

 Traditional Japanese Arts of Nihon Ju-Jitsu >>

Nihon Ju-jitsu focus on self-defense & combat. It is a Bujitsu (techniques of war) but it can also become a Budo, a way of personal accomplishment. The spirit and the techniques of Nihon Ju-jitsu have been greatly influenced by the one of Japan's last Great master: Mochizuki Minoru Shihan, 10th Dan Meijin. 

<< Kempo 

Highly explosives Kicks & Punches targeted on vital points, Power, Speed. Energy Kempo includes also training in Taiji Quan and Bagua Zhang & Breathing exercises to give you control on both hard and soft aspects. Energy Kempo was developed from Asahi Ryu Kempo of Christian LEFEBVRE sensei.

Self Defense >>

This program was composed by several Top instructors specialized in self-defense in partnership with security specialist such as bodyguard instructors and police instructors, and Psychologist. It uses a blend of ju-jitsu and Philipino Martial arts techniques as well as behaviors orientation sessions and exercises.

<< Energy Quest

Energy Quest focus on Health & Energy program is a combination of Chinese internal Martial arts, breathing exercises, stretching and physical preparation: It's the soft part of EWD and it helps to balanced the the fury of combative training as well as preparing you for it. 

Little Tigers Quest >> 

A dynamic blend of Ju-jitsu, Kempo & Arnis Kali Eskrima for our Martial arts youngsters. All the techniques were chosen for their security in practice. The program follows a precise educational course,  including balanced physical training. Kid Quest includes empty hand as well as padded weapon techniques. The first steps are the most crucial in the path towards excellence.


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