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Doblete Rapilon International Federation
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We invite you to follow the Path of the warrior, a gateway to transform ourselves through the study and long term practice of Martial Art. Energy Wave is a complete Martial Art Academy: Our Students and Instructors develop themselves on the 3 levels of Martial Arts: Body, Technique & Spirit.
"EW gave me a guideline in my Martial Art's Quest, from disillusion to disillusion towards a better understanding of what makes the difference in a real street-fight and how to change life around me teaching the Art."

JD ZITOUN - Judo & Jujitsu Black Belt - Arnis Instructor, France

EW is a community of friends, a network of Budoka who train and learn together. Our Dojo members are close to each other, driven by the same moral values build on time spent together, strong experiences. We are proud of the diversity of our cultures: people from over the world, enriched by their differences of ages, cultures and social backgrounds.
Energetic Life Style, bringing more fitness, more health & Energy in your daily life.
Efficient Self-defense system: Personal defense, Women self- defense, Police techniques, Security habits and  knowledge on behaviors and self building confidence. Our Blend of technique is a true answer to most situations.
Life regulator System & personality development (Budo) as well as social skills through awareness and physical experience.

Listening to Mochizuki Minoru Shihan 10 Dan Meijin - Japan 1996 >>

As a Black Belt in any Martial Art, you can participate in our seminars and progress while training with good level black belts from our Dojo. In old Japan and in the Philippines, warriors would take as much chance as possible to train with good opponents in order to upgrade their skills. A

 perfect way to enriched the practice of your own martial art style. 


As an instructor you can add more skills to you panel. We provide Educational Tools and several Instructor training in Nihon Tai-jitsu, Kempo, Arnis Kali Eskrima, Self defense & Security as well as Medic First Aid.      



Arnis Instructor, Guro Greg GRES has been appointed to represent Arnis Doblete Rapilon in France.



Phil AVRIL Sensei from Shaolin Dojo Toulouse - NTJ 5th Dan



With Master Instructor Dani FAYNOT



Training with Sano Teruo Shihan - 9th Dan Karate Do & Ju-Jitsu - Japan

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