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Since the 1950's GM Mena has taught a great a number of people over the years: People from the Philippines, Philipino from abroad and foreigners attracted by his reputation.

Unfortunately GM Mena didn't had the chance in the past to set up an international organization to develop his Doblete Rapilon system. in 2002, GM Mena ask some of us to carry on this responsibility and bring together the Doblete Rapilon experts. Now that GM Mena has left, we need to bring together as many of his student as possible. The first step is to register all his students, Instructors and Masters who are teaching Doblete Rapilon until today.

Ranking Recognition & Teaching Status
  • We will be glad to welcome instructors trained under GM Mena to join our organization. If you received a rank in Doblete Rapilon directly from GM Mena: Send us a Copy of your document
  • You may have heard about Doblete Rapilon and GM Mena but didn't get the chance to learn our system: Contact us to follow our Instructor Curriculum
Memberships are accepted for Black Belts and Instructors only. Each member will receive:
  • A letter of accreditation
  • A Diploma & membership card
  • Listing in our Web Directory with contact and links

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