Doblete Rapilon International

Arnis kali Eskrima

  Doblete Rapilon is the legacy of the Mena Family from Ilo-Ilo in the Visayas. Over the years, this prestigious system of Arnis Kali Eskrima has proven to be extremely efficient and remains one of the most unique style in the Philippines. 

In 1951, GM Mena opened the first Arnis School in the Philippines in Tondo-Manila and since then, many have trained under him, including some of today's senior experts in other FMA systems. Doblete Rapilon is part of the "Old School" type of FMA, fully combat oriented. It has many connections with the main classic systems of FMA but is also a unic system of its own.

<< This YOUTube Video shows GM Mena in his 70'S demonstrating Doblete Rapilon.

It is copied from a very interesting VHS video taking several years ago. I will be glad if the author could contact me. Sorry to use this video without asking.


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