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“The disciple is not higher than the master,
But any accomplished disciple will be like his master”



Adaptability is a major strength of Filipino martial arts and culture as well. Like most systems in the Philippines, original Doblete Rapilon did not had a well-organized program apart from the abecedario and the angles.

During the 1950’s, Grand Master Mena opened the first Arnis club in Manila and developed a progression based on 52 techniques related to his system: Staring with postures, simple strikes, followed by combinations of techniques and advanced combat application series.

In the culture of classic Filipino Martial Arts, ranking and titles such as Master or Grand Master have a specific meaning. Read More

Grand Master Jose Mena

12 Degree - Dakilang Guro

During his life GM Mena has been teaching to so many people. He has awarded many Black belts and higher ranking to numerous experts in the Philippines and in the World. Some have studies with him many years while others just had the opportunity to meet him and take few classes. In his system, GM Mena has used the black belt ranking system until the 10th Degree.

He was himself appointed Grand Master of Arnis kali Eskrima in 1970 by a college made of the most respected and legendary experts in FMA and under the guidance of WEKAF, IMAF and NARAPHIL, representing the government of the Philippines. The title of Grand Master of FMA acknowledge the exceptional achievement of the most legendary Experts. Read More

"After I received from Grand Master Mena the title of Master Instructor in Arnis Doblete Rapilon, I decided to work on a more rational teaching method that will facilitate the development of our system. This progression is based upon the instruction I received from GM Mena as a direct student. This program was presented to GM Mena, who reviewed it, accepted it and finally approved during the year 2002.

The program follows four stages:Initiation (from white belt to green belt), Intermediate (until the first degree black belt), Advanced (until the 4th degree black belt) and Expert (from Fourth degree to 10th degree black belt).

This program of Arnis Doblete Rapilon system is a teaching tool. I hope it can help new instructors and more experienced professors to better organize their teaching program and achieve higher results. It remains a personal choice for direct students of GM Mena to use some ideas from this program or to choose their own progression as long as we all keep the roots of Doblete Rapilon concepts.
The techniques will remain a personal choice of each teacher according to the specific chosen objectives, but also according to the student's level and instructor’s skills."


The Doblete Rapilon system of GM Mena and the ADRIF (Arnis Doblete Rapilon International Federation) adopted the ranking system that we observe in Judo, karate or Taekwondo as well as in numerous other FMA federations and organization. This ranking facilitates the learning process and teaching of Arnis and integrates more closely FMA in the international landscape of martial arts in the world. Judo and Tai-jitsu teacher, Minosuke Kawashi, invented the idea of colored belts in the 1950’s. This idea was such a success that the great majority of martial arts from all continents have adopted it. Colors may change but the concept remains.  

GM Mena proposed to follow the classic colors used in most martial arts to avoid confusing the students and the general public as well, as for instance everybody in the world knows what a black belt is. The gold line found on all our belts is a reminder of GM Mena’s belt. It symbolizes the idea that every person who studies Arnis has the potential to become one day a master and a great arnisadore himself.

Main Objective:           Master the concepts of Doblete Rapilon & Develop your Character

From the 8th to the 10th Degree, the Arnisadore will put all his energy and application to go beyond the art itself. Arnis will become a tool that a true expert can use for any purpose: To Fight, protect or educate. It is a never-ending quest testing your character and your skills against adversity but against yourself as well. This is the chance to discover our Main enemy: Our Ego!


Main Objective:           To master the concepts of Arnis Kali Eskrima & Make a better world around us


At this stage, many will consider they have enough technical skills and experience to adapt or change the original system or even to create their own system. In the Philippine martial art culture, we respect this attitude and it should be every expert’s choice to do so or not.

Nevertheless, I personally feel there is so much to learn by digging more deeply that I prefer to continue to practice what I had the chance to learn from my teacher instead of drinking the water from another fountain.
I learned so much with Grand Master Mena that I feel I can feed on this matter maybe until the end of my own life…we will see.
We can learn by observing other styles and confront our techniques against other systems and other martial arts. Therefore, when a system has proved to be so efficient like it is the case with Doblete Rapilon, it may be more practical to upgrade your own level instead of trying to upgrade the system itself.


Titles and Teaching degrees in Doblete Rapilon:
Each title and teaching degree is awarded according to a level of skills, the teaching capacity, personal achievement in the art as well as the proven commitment to develop and represent the system and the legacy of Master Mena. In the classic Filipino martial art culture, Arnisadores will proclaim themselves and prove their value. However, in order to develop Arnis in the world it was essential to organize both the ranking and the teaching degrees for Doblete Rapilon Arnis:

  1. TAGA-PAGSANAY        Assistant Instructor     Brown Belt under the responsibility of an instructor
  2. TAGA-PAGTURO          Instructor                     1st Degree Black Belt minimum
  3. GURO                           Professor                     3rd Degree Black Belt minimum
  4. PUNONG GURO           Master Instructor          8th Degree Red Belt minimum
  5. DALIKANG GURO        Grand Master               10th Degree Red Belt Minimum

In Arnis Doblete Rapilon, “Chief Instructor” is a specific function granted by Master Instructors to High ranking Direct student responsible to develop Doblete Rapilon at its higher level: Either in a country or internationally. GM Jose Mena has never appointed any of his student to be the Head or the Heir of Doblete Rapilon. If someone should become the sole representative of Doblete Rapilon Arnis, it should be his son Mario Mena, who learn evrything from his father and has proven many time his skills and the blood of his family.

Now It up to us his students to do our best, individually or together to keep his Legacy alive. We owe it to him, to his family and to the Philippines.

Ingat, Maraming Salamat Po!

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