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In order to answer any combat situation, a student of Doblete Rapilon Arnis will develop the following skills: 

  • Fight from all distances
  • Use sticks as well as bladed weapons
  • Use short and longer weapon of any kind
  • Use any weapon against any weapon
  • Defend yourself bare hands against weapons
  • Be able to transform any ordinary object into a weapon
  • Apply self-defense techniques to hand-to-hand combat
  • Win with your heart, survive with your courage

Doblete Rapilon System answers all the distances of combat with any weapon available because we apply the same working concepts. This curriculum also develop a stronger character and more confidence, while training with such diversity is both fun and rewarding.

<< Solo Baston - Olisi - Single Stick

The versatility of this weapon will bring an amazing feeling of power and speed. Solo Baston is the primary weapon you will study and it may remain your best choice for self defense. We often use a longer stick of 28 to 30 inches.

Doblete Rapilon is a classic FMA so all the techniques remains combat oriented. The specificity of Doblete Rapilon Solo baston resides on its continuous strikes.

Doble Baston - Sinawali  >>

Double stick will develop better coordination as well as ambidexterity. Sinawali is an icon of FMA and allows great speed in striking combinations against any weapon. Sinawali in doblete Rapilon will use the same paro-paro techniques and maximum mobility..  

<< Bolo - Swords - Kriss - Barong
The bolo is the traditional tool and companion of any Filipino in the provinces. The extensive experience of GM Mena in sword fighting is one of the deepest roots of Doblete Rapilon. More than ever, our strategy is to strike with a flow a attacks so our opponent will not find any opening. We use Bolo, Ginunting, Barong and any other Filipino swords.
Daga  - Dagger >>

In FMA, Knife fighting can be both simple and sophisticated but always extremely practical. Filipino Knife fighting is widely recognize as one of the best in the world. Dagger, knives, Balisong and Kriss can be use as single or by pair.

DVD Trailer - Concept Of Filipino Knife Fighting  

<<Dalawang Daga - Double Blade

Fighting with two knives requires a huge level of resolution and commitment. Most probably, one of the opponents will not survive from such sort of combat. If your adversary were using two daggers, you would better do the same to balance the chances. You can also choose two knives of different sizes.

Espada y Daga - Sword & Dagger >>

The shorter dagger allows to check your opponent's weapon and to counter from close range and tight angles. The longer weapon gives you power and longer reach. You may also use two sticks with good efficacy.

Doblete Rapilon own form of Sword and Dagger is slightly different from our sister's schools from Cebu as we apply the same Doblete techniques.

<< Mano mano - Hand to hand

Bare hand techniques are just the application of the concepts we use with weapon. We use the the same concepts against an attacker holding or not a weapon.

Techniques are realistic and self-defense oriented. Main characteristic is the continuous flow and the mobility in combat.

Mimar -Tapado >>

The Doblete version of long stick fighting is called MIMAR. In the hand of an expert it can defeat any other weapon because of its great reach, power and versatility. 

<< Dulo Dulo
12 cm stick pointed on both sides or not, the Dulo allows to block, hook and control your opponent's attack and counter with extreme speed and accuracy. Better used by pairs. As in this example you can use your closed balisong as a Dulo, in combinations with low-kicks, elbow and knee strikes.
ARKA - Double short sticks >>

Using a very short stick pointed on both sides, Arka combines techniques from the stick fighting with elbow and Knee strikes as well as dulo dulo.

Arka was created by GM Mena for his own self-defense purposes. The short stick is perfect for close range techniques (Serrada).

<< Mobile Phone, Pen, Newspapers...
With experience, a regular practice and some tough training, anything will become a weapon.

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