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Doblete Rapilon focus primary on self-defense and combat. However, tournament fights can be a good opportunity to test the skills of our students and help them to acquire more confidence. 

Tournaments are just a game, and should not be considered a priority in the teaching curriculum of our system. 

<< Video Toulouse Open Competition - France 2007
Check Some Tournament Videos from our group in France>>

<< Tournaments rules in Doblete Rapilon are designed to simulate real combat situations. Only few techniques are forbidden. Strikes and desarming techniques are the most eficient but competitors can kick, grab or even go to the ground if they dare to.

Points are awarded when a strike reach the opponent with power and precision on main targets (head, hand, knews, elbows). Fighers do not stop at the first strike and are encourage to go on until the referee stop them. Much like in a Taekwondo or Sikaran competition. Read more

<< Equipment should allow maximum mobility and maximum security. We use foam padded sticks, light full-headgear, light body protector, gloves, shin-guards and few other protective gears. Read more

Several Doblete Rapilon schools organize private invitational or Open tournaments each years. Our fighters are also encourage to participate in other tournaments if they wish to.

Each year and invite our friends from other FMA systems and other martial arts to test their skills and share some great moment with us during our Open Competition in Toulouse Farnce

<< If you wish to participate in the next France Open of Doblete Rapilon Contact Guro Younes Sekkal
Read more

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