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ADRI (Doblete Rapilon International) was initiated in 2003 by a group of Senior Instructors and students of Grand Master Mena to preserve and protect his unique Legacy. Filipino Martial Arts are an expression of the soul and the spirit of Filipino Culture. This energy goes beyond the fighting techniques and reach far after our borders.

As GM Mena did not set any organization to represent his System, many of us are scattered around the globe. Any genuine student of GM Mena is welcome to contact us to add his contribution to this organization and this website. We will be glad to add your contact address or link. (Proof of Diploma from Master Mena is required of course).

Contact Master Dani FAYNOT, Manila Philippines

The Goal of ADRI is to preserve the techniques and the spirit of our Doblete Rapilon and to develop the practice of our system in the world:
To bring together
  • Regroup the direct students of GM Mena under one open organization
  • Authenticate and recognize genuine experts of Doblete Rapilon in the world
  • Propose a unique ranking system, approved by GM Mena himself
  • Recognize ranks in Doblete Rapilon after proposition of certified teachers
Conserve the Legacy
  • Conserve the Curriculum of Doblete Rapilon
  • Make sure that instructors in Doblete Rapilon are keeping the spirit of the system and its original orientation.
Promote Doblete Rapilon in the World
  • Organize and sponsor seminars
  • Organize and sponsor tournament events
  • Organize and sponsor exhibitions
  • Share information about our system through our website
  • Sponsor articles and Books about our system
Propose teaching tools - help instructors
  • Propose teaching programs organized by level
  • Develop teaching tools and documents
  • Develop Educational DVDs: Check our DVD Website
  • Educational Videos on "Instructor Corner" (Restricted Site)


ADRI Promotes & Sponsors the following events:
ADRI Supports the efforts of our Instructors by:
  • Providing teaching tools and information : See Instructor Only website
  • Answering questions you may have: See Instructor Only website
  • Working to gain international recognition from other organizations
  • Helping you to gain official recognition and legitimacy in your country

ADRI Board of Directors

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